Free Apps to Make Life Easier

Here are a few free ideas I have found that are making my life a little easier to manage… 

1. xMarks – Keeps all the bookmarks I have saved synchronized on all my computers.  So whether I am at work, at home, or traveling, I have every bookmark accessible that I have saved, regardless of the computer I saved it on.

2. Dropbox – Keeps all my files synchronized, accessible on every computer and backed up.  And hey, the beginner version is free!

3. TweetDeck – Allows for an easy way to post and track multiple people on both Twitter and Facebook, without getting overwhelmed.

4. Google Docs – Great way to share documents with the team at church.

5. Google Reader – Easy way to follow multiple blogs without having to go to each persons site, or get every post emailed to you.  Just log in and read.

6. Google Groups – Easy way to think through an idea with the team.  Simply create a post and let others chime in with their thoughts and ideas.

7. Logmein – Remote control several computers from any other computer.  Works well for troubleshooting without having to physically go to the broken computer.

8. Mint – Still experimenting with this one a bit, but an easy way to track your finances online for free.

I'm sure there are other great free sites and apps out there, what are they?

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