How to Be A Great Employee

Great employees:

  • Do Their Job. Great employees do what they have been assigned to do.  Yes, mistakes happen, and everyone forgets something from time-to-time, but being a great employee means you are a person that does what you are assigned to do.

  • Follow Through.  Great employees always follow through.  They do not need someone nagging them to make sure they get their projects done.  The write things down, block off time, and get the job done.  When they say they are going to do something, they do it.
  • Are Flexible.  Sometimes the greater mission means one has to do something that isn’t in their job description.  Great employees not only recognize this but embrace it as a way of serving the big picture.
  • Collaborate. Great employees don’t pretend they are the smartest person on the planet and consequently don’t need the help of others.  They are not too proud to regularly ask for help and feedback.  They view asking for help, not as a weakness, but as a way to strengthen their ideas.
  • Communicate Often. Great employees know it is impossible to overcommunicate.  They understand the larger the team and bigger the project, the greater the need to communicate often, clearly, and in different ways.
  • Communicate Failure Early. Sometimes plans go sideways.  When this happens great employees don’t let people find out about the problem when the ball hits the ground, rather they let them know ahead of time that things are not going well.
  • Have Hard Conversations. Great employees recognize that sometimes the most helpful thing for the team is also the most difficult.  A great employee will not let things get swept under the rug, rather they will address issues.
  • Care. Great employees care about the mission and are there for more than a paycheck.  They also care about the people they are serving and the people they are serving with.
  • Come Batteries Included.  Great employees don’t need someone else to motivate them, rather, they come with their batteries included.  They bring new ideas to the table, try new things, experiment, and take new ground without even being asked.
  • Are Positive.  Great employees are positive.  Yes, everyone has bad days, but great employees are generally upbeat, forward-thinking, optimistic and positive.  They are not necessarily bouncing off the walls with excitement, but they believe the goal can be accomplished.
  • Do Not Say . . .  “That’s not possible,”  “That’s not my job,” “I’m busy, but I’ll try to get to that if I can,” or anything else that is an excuse for not doing the work.
  • Keep Learning.  Great employees ask lots of questions.  They go to conferences.  They buy books and listen to podcasts.  They take people in a role similar to theirs out to out to lunch.  They keep learning new skills and are constantly finding new ways to add more value to the organization.

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