Favorite iPhone Apps

I was recently asked what some of my favorite iPhone apps are.  Here is my current list….

1. Amazon.com –  When I hear about a book (or just about anything) I want, I can add it to my wishlist right away from my phone.

2.  Amazon Kindle – I haven’t read a lot of books digitally yet, but I love having my books automatically synced between my phone, work and personal computers.

3. Bank of America – Most of my personal banking accounts are held at Bank of America, so this app allows me to do some mobile banking.

4. BBC World News – I use a few different news apps, but this is the one I frequent most often.

5.  Dropbox – Dropbox allows me to access files stored on my computer when I am away from my desk.

6. eWallet – eWallet is where I keep all my personal and work usernames and passwords.  I am one of those people that has a different password for almost everything, so occasionally I forget one and have to look it up.

7. Facebook – I am not the biggest Facebook user, but I usually check in once a day.  Quite often that is while I am waiting somewhere and only have access to my phone.

8. Mint – I use mint.com to handle my personal finances.  This  app allows me to keep up to-to-date on all my accounts.

9. Pandora – I use Pandora more on my desktop than on my phone, but it is my favorite music streaming service.

10. PhotoShop Mobile – This is a newer one for me, but for a iPhone app it has some pretty amazing photo editing abilities.

11. Twitterrific – Keeps me up to-to-date on what is going on in Twitterverse.

12. YouVersion Bible – In my opionion, hands down the best Bible software out there for the iPhone.  40 plus translations of the Bible, reading plans, and much more.

13. WordPress – This allows me to manage the blog on the road.

14. xMarks – xMarks keeps my bookmarks in sync between my work and personal computers, and my phone.

These are my favorites.  What are yours? What am I missing?