Big Issues

Kids may be little in size, but they face some big issues.  These are just a few of the prayer requests submitted by kids at Calvary this past Sunday….


Okay, so maybe the cat staying safe outside isn’t the biggest issue in the world.  It is a big concern to that kid though.  But, cancer, family fighting, bullying, unspoken?  Our kids face some big problems.  Why don’t you take some time to pray for some of our kids this week?  Or better yet, why don’t you pray for them and consider being a part of a child’s life?

Again, these kids are facing some big challenges in their lives, and they need someone who is going to be a voice into their life.  Someone who can tell them that they are there for them, more importantly that God is there for them, and that they never have to face these things alone.  They need someone to offer guidance and direction.   They need someone to teach them about faith, following God and all about life.

Will you pray for our kids?  Will you get involved in one of their lives?  They need you to.