Doing Missions When Dying is Gain

Take the time to listen to this sermon.  Go to the site, download it, upload it to your iPod, go for a walk and listen to it.  Or, just take the time to listen to it on your computer right now.


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This is one of the best sermons on missions you’ll hear.  Trust me.

Here is the link…

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4 thoughts on “Doing Missions When Dying is Gain

  1. Funny, I’m pretty sure that you did not know about this sermon until my husband made you listen to it this weekend. : ) It still cracks me up that he made me listen to this when we started to date just to make sure that I was worthy of his time.

    • I am very glad your husband your husband made me listen to it on the trip back from FL…so I thought I would share the wealth and pass it on to some other people.

  2. I’m using the hummer , but I get up to 68k and the miirtaly kill me must be this way tho . I found the way on YouTube ps 3 user name is frecklybum . Add me maybe we could do it co-op