Yesterday I stumbled across The Global Rich List.    I took the time to enter my annual income, and when I saw the results I was thinking, “Wow, I am pretty well off compared to a lot of people.”  Then I realized that I had inadvertently left a zero off of the end of my income.  When I put the right amount in I realized that compared to a vast majority of the world my family is extremely extremely blessed.

Most of us don’t realize how blessed we truly are.  We compare ourselves to billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Saudi Princes.  Often we dream about what we do if we had their kind of money.  The irony is that much of the world dreams about having as much money as  you and I do.  They dream of being able to put food on the table, or drink clean water or go to school.  Forget dreaming of a house with plenty of rooms and a built in pool, many people around the world just dream of having a roof, of any kind, over their head.

If you haven’t done it already visit the The Global Rich List.  See how much you have compared to most of the world.  Then, take the time to be thankful for all you have this holiday season.  Take the time to teach your children how blessed they are.

Christmas Eve

This past weekend we had 2,218 people come out to see The Gospel According to Scrooge at Calvary.  That shatters last years attendance high of 1,514.  We actually had so many people attend on Saturday and Sunday nights that we had to turn people away, as we simply didn’t have enough seats.   Top top it all off we had 25 people accept Christ as this year’s performances.  And the holiday season is just warming up.

christmas time

This Sunday you do not want to miss church.  We have a special Christmas performance by our worship team and a few others.  Then on December 24th we will be having our candlelight communion service at 6:00.  This Christmas Eve service is one of the highlights on our church calendar every year.  The service starts at 6:00 PM, but I would recommend arriving early to get a good seat.

To check out everything that is going on around the church checkout the website at

Christmas Season at Calvary

This past weekend we kicked off the Christmas season here at Calvary with A Night in Bethlehem.  If you missed last Sunday night you missed an incredible time.  We had several hundred people touring ancient Bethlehem, which was constructed in our church basement.  They saw all sorts of shops with cool crafts and games, 70+ sheep, manger scene, and so much more.  Definitely some major improvements this year.  A special thanks to everyone who helped out, and to all those who participated.

As great as last weekend was it was only the beginning of what we have planned for this Christmas season at Calvary.  Tomorrow begins our performances of The Gospel According to Scrooge.  We have four performances this year Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 6:30, and a matinee peformance at 2:00 PM on Saturday.

We also have a Christmas Eve Service at 6:00 pm on the 24th, and even some special Christmas festivities for some of our services leading up to Christmas.  For a full listing of events that are going on around the church check out our website at