Five Amazing Years

Five years goes by fast.  It is hard to believe that Becky and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary today.  In thinking back over the past few years I realize that there are lots of things I love about my wife.  Here are just a few of those reasons…

1. Becky sees the potential in others, more than they see it in themselves.  After a particularly tough day when things did not go as well as I would have liked, Becky is always there to support me.

2. Becky makes every day, and every situation, fun.  There are some people like myself that don't necessarily like being the center of attention, but it we do like it when there is someone there to keep things fun, and my wife is always good for a few (dozen) good laughs.

3. Trustworthy, dependable, reliable, truthful…they are all a little different, but they all describe Becky well.

4.  Who wouldn't love someone that has cool nicknames like Beckatron, Becko and The Hacker?

5. She cannot teach a lesson, or pray, in kid's church without crying because she loves the kids and God so much.

6. Real.  Becky is the most real person I have ever met.  I don't think I can say this just because I know her better than anyone else, I can say it because it is true…in fact, it is one of the first things that I ever noticed about Becky.

7. Becky is extremely patient…it is one of the reasons we have made it 5 years.  As someone that has about a billion quarks, patience on the part of my spouse is absolutely mandatory, and Becky has it. 

8. She's brave.  Anyone that can watch scary movies and still sleep at night is braver than me!

9.  She is a genius.  She tries to play it off, but she is actually one of the smartest people I have ever met.  She is never wrong, which means she means she has so many opportunities to say to me, "Ha, I told you so", but yet she never says it.

10. She can read people.  Becky is great at seeing through people's acts….including mine, which means she keeps me real with myself. 

Again, these are just a few of the things that I love and appreciate about my wife.  There are dozens of others, but some of those are probably a little too scandalous for a public blog 🙂

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