Peru – There and Back Again

What a week.  Most missions trips expose you to another culture, a language other than English, perhaps some different kinds of food, but my time in Peru exposed me to a a completely different way of life.

I traveled with 15 people from Calvary 6 hours up the Itaya River into the jungle outside of Iquitos, Peru.  There we visited two villages, both having less that 100 people in them.  No electricity (except by generator), and no running water.  We slept in hammocks, ate fish (head attached) that we caught out of the river, traveled by boat, bathed in the river, purified our own water, and used machetes as construction tools to build 2 churches.

I am sure I will write more on my experiences in Peru later, but for now let me just show you the 2 churches we built.  We intentionally left the front of the buildings open so that the people of the village could finish the church themselves.  Hopefully this will give them a sense of ownership having completed the last bit of work without our help.

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