Not For Sale

It is not an easy book to read.

I just finished Not For Sale by David Batstone, which documents perhaps the greatest moral crisis of our day…human slavery.  To me it is unthinkable that human trafficking worldwide generates $31 billion annually and currently enslaves over 27 million people, half of them under the age of 18, but it does.

Again, it is not an easy book to read, as the stories of those who have been exploited will break your heart, but Batstone weaves their stories with stories of people across the globe who are fighting to end human slavery.  These encouraging stories share how people are fighting to make a difference in places like Cambodia, Thailand, Uganda, Europe, Peru and even right here in the United States. This book forced me to look for ways I can make a difference in fighting this global problem from where I am at, right here just North of Boston.

I would encourage everyone to read this book.

Also, it is not an organization mentioned in the book, but you should check out The A21 Campaign (  They are doing some pretty amazing work to combat human trafficking.

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