Record Breaking Weekend

We had a record breaking Sunday this past weekend at Calvary.  This past Sunday there were 986 people in church, which is the highest attended non-Easter weekend service in Calvary’s history.  What made it ever more exciting for me was that out of the 986, 230 were children.   230 kids is obviously more children than I could keep track of myself, so I am so thankful to the dozens of children’s workers that made this past weekend as great as it was for every child.

Looking forward to some more record breaking weeks in 2010!

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One thought on “Record Breaking Weekend

  1. To all, it is awesome to know the ALMIGHTY takes such time to give to us the overflowing of HIS people. How will we stand before HIM, how,will we all answer the call in these days…??? I myself know the joy of service to our KIDS. They are awsome in every way,I will think how the LORD would have me be more useful to you and the church. blessings n123grace