Worship Leads to Missions

Charles Spurgeon once said, “There is only only step from rapturous worship to a radiant missionary spirit.”

To The Ends of the Earth

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The Lord’s Prayer starts out in worship by saying “Our Father, hallowed be thy name.”  The next line is about missions, “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Worship leads to missions.  Or, perhaps I should say, true worship leads to missions.  If we worship God wholeheartedly then then out of that pure worship you would expect to see commitment to what is most important to Him.  If on the other hand our worship is half-hearted then one would expect some to see some pathetically diluted down form of Christianity lived out in the life of the “worshiper.”

So the question to ask is does our worship lead us to be passionate about those things that God is passionate about?  Does our worship lead to missions?

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