New Life Sunday Nights

Many churches are canceling their Sunday night services.  Citing low attendance, not wanting people to be out multiple nights a week and other reasons, many churches are opting to forgo the once central Sunday evening service.  At Calvary, we’ve made the opposite decision.  Rather than getting rid of Sunday night, we’re keeping our Sunday evening service as an integral part of the life of our church.  There are lots of things that we do on Sunday nights that makes these services some of my favorite, but my favorite favorite Sunday night service is the monthly New Life Sunday Night.

5995_Life_after_DeathTypically on the last Sunday night of the month, we do a New Life Sunday Night service.  On these nights we celebrate new life in the church by dedicating babies, receiving new members, baptizing new believers and more.  Just this past Sunday we dedicated three babies, received three new members, baptized ten people, gave graduation certificates to dozens of people who have completed various leadership training courses in our church, and even heard from one our missionaries going to serve in a sensitive area of the world.  It was an amazing service to be in!

For us taking the time to do all this isn’t something we could do on a Sunday morning, but by keeping the Sunday evening service we are still able to celebrate as a church all that God is doing in our church.  It may seem like a small thing, but being able to celebrate these moments together is something I believe keeps our church family feeling like a family.

We’re able to celebrate together.  More people are able to see how God is growing our church.  People are inspired to take their own next steps in following Christ.  Having all this happen on a Sunday night makes for a very powerful service.  We choose to keep a Sunday night service so we can celebrate new life together, but what does your church do celebrate these moments as a family?  If you don’t do anything, what should you start doing?


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