Do Not Misuse the Lord’s Name

Tonight we had another amazing time at Home Care Group.  We continued our study of The Ten, a fresh look at the ten commandments.  This evening we were on the third command to not misuse the name of the Lord.  Growing up I always felt like I had this commandment figured out and nailed down, it was simply yelling God’s name when I hit my thumb with a hammer, or threw a wild pitch in baseball.

Tonight we took a closer look and discovered that misusing God’s name happens any time we leverage God’s name to accomplish something he is not really in.  Maybe that is something as small as being involved at the church not to bring glory to God by serving Him, but to draw attention to ourselves or to feel important.  Or perhaps is going out to a Bible study and telling people you are there to learn more about Christ and to deepen your relationship with God, but really your are there to find a date (for the record, looking for a date at church is probably the best place to look….it just shouldn’t be our primary reason for going to a Bible study).  The reality is that most of us probably take the Lord’s name in vain every day, as anytime we do something using our relationship with God as cover, but we are really doing it for a selfish reason, we break this command.

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