Family Values

Values.  We all have them, and we all live by them.  No, we may not have thought through them, or written them down, but we all value certain things, and our choices reflect our pursuit of those priorities. 

Wanting to be sure we are making the right choices and pursuing the right goals,  Becky and I want to establish some set values for our family to live by.  So, we sat down and talked, and here is what we came up with.  Not necessarily a final list, but it is a start. 

humility…We want to remember we are nothing special, not above any task, and that all we have comes from God.

generosity…We want to be generous with our time and resources, always giving to our church, community and other worthwhile causes.

courage…We want to have the courage to pursue every God given dream for our lives, even when it is uncertain how we are going to do it.

love…We want to be examples of Christ like love to one another, and to others.

Again, this is our starter list.  What are we missing?

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One thought on “Family Values

  1. LOVE your values Jamie and Beck! It makes me remember that we need to up the dose of humility in our house. Love encompasses so much. Sometimes we use kindness in our house, but love is even better. Same thing w/generosity. We are “compassion.” Mom always said, “don’t ever look down at others, cos it could always be you” and “you never know til you walked in their shoes.”
    Thanks for making me think and.. well… I guess it’s probably a good time to chat here in our house too!