October Means Missions

My favorite month on our church calendar is October.  I love October as that is the month we set aside for our missions emphasis.  For us here at Calvary, October means getting serious about missions.  Not that we aren't serious about missions year round, but October is a month we set aside for God to take us to a new level in our missions support.

Today we had Bob McGurty, who serves as the India Area Director, with us.  He had a lot of good stuff to say, but he had one great quote that I keep thinking about…"Sometimes a nurse with a stethoscope can get in somewhere a pastor with a Bible cannot."  The bottom line is that we all have a part to play in supporting missions.  For some it is preaching, for some it using technical skills like nursing or computers to open doors shut to most, for others it may be praying for missionaries, giving to missions, and even going on short term trips.  The bottom line is that God is not limited in how He can use us, so we shouldn't put limits on ourselves.  Maybe you don't have a degree from a Bible college or seminary, but God still wants you to be a part in supporting missions.

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