Don’t Underestimate Kids

Continuing my series on lessons I have learned brings me to a fourth lesson…Don’t Underestimate Kids.

As a children’s pastor you wouldn’t think I would be one to underestimate what kid’s can do, but I do it all the time.  In fact, every time I raise my expectations of what I hope to see our kids at Calvary do, they exceed my expectations every time.  Whether it is memorizing large portions of scripture, remembering to pray for friends throughout the week, or in one of million other ways, kids blow my mind away with how much they can do.

As a parent I am now realizing even more how much I have been underestimating kids.  It amazes me that Jack can sing the lyrics to several songs, quote the names of the books of the Bible, and has a memory that remembers stuff from weeks, months and even over a year ago.  Jack is two, so I know if he can do so much, that there are kids who are 6, 7, 8 and older who can do far more than what the average adult gives them credit for.  They just have to be given avenues to let their potential come out.

Kid’s need opportunities to use the gifts, talents and abilities they have in church. Whether it is singing on a kid’s church worship team, praying for others, raising money for missions, or even doing service projects in the community, kids need opportunities to serve God.  When you given them those chances they will shine…they will blow you away with how much they can do.

That is the fourth lesson I learned, don’t doubt how much kid’s can do, and give them opportunities to be everything they can be.

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