13 Years

Becky and I were back in Missouri for Christmas and I had intended on writing a few posts from the Midwest, but spending time with family came first.  So, I am just now getting around to reflecting on some experiences from growing up in Troy, Missouri.

First thought…Sometimes you only get 13 years.  I went to a fairly average high school. There were around 200 kids in my graduating class.  Most of those I graduated with transferred into the school system at some point or another, but there were a few, like me, that completed their entire education in Troy.  Not many, but a few of us toughed it out from kindergarten all the way through our senior year together.

Here is the sad part.  As important as my faith in Christ was to me growing up, I can actually think of some of those kids that I went to school with for 13 years that I never talked to about Christ.  Never mind the hundreds that I knew for shorter amounts of time, there were actually kids that I knew for 13 years that I never once talked to about my faith!

Perhaps a few saw that I lived my life a little differently.  Several of them probably knew that I was the president of my school’s Bible club.  Maybe 20 of them had to listen to my speeches in English class that I chose to give on God & the Christian faith.  But I messed up, as I never took the chance to personally share with them what was the most important aspect of my life.  And now, the chance I had to tell them is gone.

Sometimes you only get 13 years….sometimes less. I had 13 years, kindergarten through 12th grade.  You may only have a few years of working with someone before they take a new job.  Or 4 years together at college.  Will you miss the opportunities liked I did to share what is most important to you?

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