Ignorance Is Costly

Ignorance can be expensive.  Ask the guy who just paid someone $95 to tell him that there was a switch in his house that accidenitly got flipped, and turned off the heat.  I thought the furnance was broke.  It wasn’t powering on.  The switch next the heater was on, the breaker was fine, but now I know there is an emergency switch upstairs that turns the furnace off as well.  Now I know…but it cost me.

$95 is a lot to have someone teach you about the emergency switch to the heater.  But $95 is nothing compared to what others pay for their ignorance.  Parents, ignorant of how to parent, end up with unruly kids.  Spouses, ignorant of how relationships work, end up with troubled marriages.  Students, ignorant of how to study, end up with poor grades.  People, ignorant of God’s love, end up in an eternity of pain.  You get the idea.

Ignorance is expensive.  It cost me $95, but it cost others a whole lot more.  Maybe there are some areas we should work on gaining some wisdom in?

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