We have been having a ton of fun talking about kindness in kid’s church this month.  This past week we had the kids write up a want ad for a fake newspaper, asking them to describe what an ideal kind person would be like.  All the responses were great, but this was my favorite…


As the father of a 3 year old, who typically picks the most inopportune times to need use the restroom, I am always thankful for a kind person who gives a bathroom to the bathroomless!

This coming Sunday is the last week we are talking about kindness.  In March, we move on to courage.  Also, if you haven’t heard yet, our Sunday morning service times will be changing in March to 8:30, 10:30, 12:30 & 6:30.  So be sure to be on time!

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One thought on “Kindness

  1. Hi Pastor Jamie! This entry – the kids portion – was absolutely hysterical – I hope I never find myself bathroomless, but at some point in my life may find myself toothless – not that anyone would be so kind as to give me a tooth – but I am totally endeared to the comments made by children – they give us hope that all will be well in the real world – thank you Jesus for the little ones!