Should Your Kid Ride the Bus?

We need to have kids that can be sent off to the most hostile universities, toil in the greediest work enviormonments, and raise their families in the most hedonisitic communities and yet not be the least bit intimidated by their surroundings.  Furthermore, they need to be engaged in the lives of people in their culture, gracefully representing Christ’s love inside these desperate surroundings.

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This quote, which I didn’t write it myself and can’t remember where I got it, came to mind when I was talking with a mother recently.  She was talking about how she was afraid to let her kid ride the bus home, because “nothing good happens on the bus.” The truth is she is right, nothing good really does happen on the bus (bad language, bullying, you know the drill), but does that mean our kids shouldn’t ride on them?

I have known some outstanding parents who have said “no, my kid will not ride the bus.”  Parents who have pulled their kids off the bus, out of public school or away from non-Christian friends because they have noticed their kids being affected negatively by those environments.  I know parents who have pulled their kids out of poor school systems, because they were in fact poor school systems that were only holding their kids back.  Honestly, I think many of these parents were right in pulling their kids out.

I have also known parents who have left their kids on the bus, in the public school system and purposely made sure their kids have non-Christian friends.  I was one of these kids.  I was a bus riding, public school teenager, with several non-Christian friends.  Honestly, I think I am the better for having those experiences, and I think that many other kids would be better for having hem too.

So, when if ever, is it okay to pull your child out of these environments, or should Christian parents keep their kids in there, to grow and to represent Christ?

Should your kid ride the bus?  Should they go to private, or home school, rather than public school?  Should the not hang out with non-Christian kids?  What’s your take?

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3 thoughts on “Should Your Kid Ride the Bus?

  1. A number of years ago I heard someone say, “How can we ever expect to have any modern day “Daniel’s” if we insist on keeping our kids in the most sterile enviorments possible?” Obviously there is no cookie cutter answer that fits all situations. Some children and some situations are going to require individualized plans, but I think some Christian parents have a tendency to lean towards the extremes lest their child be exposed to anyone or anything that does not adhere to the Nicene Creed.

    Great topic. I hope others chime in.

  2. I agree with both of you. I think Christian parents should let their kids be around non-Christian kids. I have several reasons for this, first and foremost is that kids will be able to live out the faith they are taught, and learn to express it to others. They learn early on the difference between what is Biblical and what other families are doing that is not. And they learn the ability to juggle the two, in keeping with their faith. And just maybe, they can reach a lost child or family.

    In fact, my 11 year old has called me on the phone and asked if she can watch TV shows when over friend’s houses. She has also told friends she will NOT watch a movie because she felt it was “inappropriate.” These kids are now the ones who call me and ask me to pray for them when they’re worried or need help because they realize our home is a little “different.” And my 9 year old has said he understood why he couldn’t play the video games his friends were playing. It’s hard on him, but yes, he understood why they were not appropriate for him at this time. I think these are lessons that they will carry for the rest of their lives on how to stand up for their beliefs, even when unpopular.

    But as for the bus, no my kids will not ride it unless absolute necessary. When my son was 7 he was assaulted every day for six months by another child. It took a lot of courage for him to tell me. I do not recommend it unless there is a second adult on the bus who is a monitor.