Good Problems

Not every problem is a bad problem.  Sometimes, if not most of the time, when things are going well new challenges and problems arise that need to be addressed.  If those problems are addressed, and avenues are created to move beyond them, then continued growth and progress occurs.  If the problems go unaddressed then stagnation happens.

This is why I think Calvary is in such a wonderful spot, as we have all sorts of these good problems.  We have continued to reach new people, which means more people are coming to church.  This in turn has created a situation where our parking lot doesn’t have enough room, our sanctuary is often full (or at least as full as you can get people to squeeze in), our children’s classrooms are too small for the number of kids coming out, and 404 people involved in ministry is not enough to cover all the ministry bases at the church.  What wonderful problems to have!

These next few months are going to be some great months for our church, and I truly believe that 2009 is going to be a pivotal year in the history of our church.  I am looking forward to seeing the creative solutions we come up with to tackle these problems…and to the new levels of growth we will see once we overcome them.

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