Katie’s #5 Priority

A few days ago I was talking with Katie, one of our Zion interns for the summer.  We were talking about priorities.    When I asked her about her top priorities, she had many of the same ones I have…God, family, friends, etc…   But what stuck out to me was her fifth priority, which was simply to be a dependable person.

I appreciate her having this priority.  I don't think that there are too many people who would put being dependable on their lists of priorities for life, but Katie does.  Whatever she does in life, she wants to be known as someone who is dependable….someone whose "yes" is "yes" and whose "no" is "no", someone who does what they say they are going to do.  The thing about it is, having worked with her for a while now, I can say that she lives out this priority (although she did stay home sick today, but I suspect that was due to eating to much chocolate the night before!).

At any rate, props to Katie for her inspiration to me, and hopefully a few others, to be more dependable.

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One thought on “Katie’s #5 Priority

  1. I read in the book “The Leadership Challenge” that being a dependable person is critical to success as a leader. I feel that having this as a priority is essential in ministry.