Creation – A Nice Change of Pace

Some of you have been asking about my time away this past week to Creation Northeast.  Let me just say it was a nice change of pace.  One of things I enjoy most about getting away is that I am able to spend some time just thinking.  Usually that means I come back with new ideas, and a long to do list, but it is nice to spend time thinking more long term.

I had the chance to hear some great bands like Third Day, David Crowder and others while I was there.  Also, each evening there was also a guest speaker.  Here is a picture I took with my phone on the night Joyce Meyer spoke.  I believe there were approximately 75,000 people there that evening.

The hands down best part of the week though was that I got to spend some extra time with my family and some great friends.

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One thought on “Creation – A Nice Change of Pace

  1. c’mon dude….you know that your favorite part of the trip was kicking my tail at Foosball…and pool.
    No but is was really nice and relaxing.