My Favorite Piece of Mail

I know I may be in the minority, but I am one of those people who actually likes getting mail.  I look forward to opening the mail to see if I got a card, a letter, or to simply read what is in the newspaper.  I even like getting bills, so I can pay them right away…alright now I know I am in the minority.

But of all the mail I get, my favorite piece of mail Becky, Jack and I receive is from our sponsored child in Rwanda.  A few times each year we receive a letter letting us know what is going on in the life of our sponsored daughter Uwineza Claudine.

Some of her letters make me smile, some make me cry.  Here is the letter we received today…it was one that made me cry.  The last letter she sent us crossed with one we sent her in the mail, so this one is actually responding to some questions we had about Christmas, winter, and snow in Rwanda.  Claudine wrote it, but a translator translated it, and when they did they switched to the third person.

Your child Uwineza Claudine greets you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Claudine has been sick and hospitalized for 2 months now, she was operated in the stomach so she didn’t study last term.  She is still in the hospital but she is recovering.  Her family is fine and taking care of her.  Claudine and her family are happy for the card you sent her.  Your child and her family celebrate Christmas every year on th 25th of December.  Claudine says that she knows snow [we asked her if it snows in Rwanda].  She likes going to Sunday School.  Lastly, she wishes you God’s blessings.  Read: Isaiah 54:4-8

One of our family core values is generosity, another is love.  One of the ways we live those two values out is through sponsoring Claudine.  It is not much, but the support we provide her gives her a better opportunity to go to school, have adequate clothes, food and water, and so much more.

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