God Believes in You More Than You Believe in Yourself

God believes in you more than you believe in yourself. When God asked Moses to led Israel out of captivity, Moses responded he didn’t believe the people would think God had sent him.  God then asked Moses what was in his hand.  Moses replied that he had an ordinary staff.  God took that staff and turned it into a sign for all of Israel to see.  God turned it into something extraordinary.

Sometimes when we look at our lives we only see ordinary…an ordinary staff in our hands.  We only see mediocre abilities, a list of faults, and certainly nothing extraordinary.  We look at ourselves and wonder how God could ever use someone like us to do anything special.

God, however, looks at us and sees nothing but potential. He sees something that he can take and make astonishing.

Jesus took ordinary fishermen, told them to follow him, and made them his disciples.  He took ordinary men and made them world changers.

Jesus offers us a chance to follow him as well. He wants to take our ordinary lives and do something extraordinary through us.  The question is will we follow him. Will we let him take our ordinary lives and make them extraordinary.

We may not believe that we can do anything special, but God believes in us more than we believe in ourselves.  He can take an ordinary staff and make it extraordinary, and he can take our lives and use them to do something astounding.

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