Gold Medal of Achievement

Super proud of two of the youth from our church, as they are making huge strides towards achieving their Gold Medal of Achievements.  The Gold Medal of Achievement is the Royal Rangers (our Sunday night ministry to boys) equivalent to an Eagle Scout.    Most recently these two, Josh Fodera and Timmy Parsons, completed their service projects.

Josh led a community wide donation drive to collect items for our church’s food pantry, which we call our Blessing Room.  Josh went  to local businesses, organizations, and people to raise support for purchasing and collecting food, that the church is now able to turn around and give to those in need in our community.  Single moms and dads, the unemployed and underemployed,  and people who are just going through a tough time, can all come and take the food that is now available.  Thanks to Josh, and the effort of those who supported him, there will be people who didn’t have anything to eat, that will now have a whole meal to sit down to.

Timmy, who is a diabetic, did something I am pretty sure no other Ranger has done before.  Inspired by his own life circumstances, Timmy worked with several companies and donors to create 50 diabetic kits.  These kits are going to be given to My Brother’s Table in Lynn, MA, which serves the homeless.   Facing diabetes by itself is challenge, but imagine being homeless and having to face it without proper medical care.  Because of Timmy, 50 people will not have to know what that that is like.

Again, I am super proud of these boys!  Looking forward to them receiving their Gold Medal of Achievements this Summer!

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One thought on “Gold Medal of Achievement

  1. So proud of our boyz! They did great on their project, and led the church this am in the pledge – Go Josh & Tim 🙂