Attention to Detail

I just had a great customer service moment.  As I was making my final arrangements for me and my wife to attend a conference the customer service agent said, “Here are just a few things you might want to know.   We have the conference room set at a certain temperature.  We think it is the ideal temperature, but some of our guests find it a bit chilly.  This may be more for your wife than you, but we thought you would like to know in case she wanted to grab a sweater….”

Now I have registered for quite a few conferences before, but I have never had one pay such close attention to detail.  I have never had one think about the temperature that they keep the conference room, realize that it might affect the type of clothing their guests would be comfortable wearing, and suggest the appropriate amount of layers.    That is great customer service.

I wish I had similar experiences everywhere I went, but I don’t.

I wonder how many times we fail to slow down, think about the experience our guests (people attending our church, shopping at our store, etc…) will have in advance, and work to improve that experience so that something trivial like a cold room doesn’t impede their experience while they are there?

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One thought on “Attention to Detail

  1. That is awesome and thank you for reminding us to think before we speak and use every moment as a “coustmer service” moment. Home depot in Salem is amazing like that too