10 Lessons Learned from A Walk with Jack

Jack and I went for a walk today.  The goal was simply to get to the playground and back, but I thought I would let Jack lead the way this time to see if he knew how to get there.   A few observations from our journey….

1.  It doesn't matter what path you take as long as you get to the destination.  It wasn't the way I would have gone, but we still got to the playground.  Sometimes it is good to let others lead and try a new approach.

2. When you let someone take you on a new path you meet new people and see new things.  I met some neighbors today I didn't even know I had.

3. Kids will miss some nice stops along the way without guidance.  Jack wouldn't have had the chance to see the "big trucks" unless I pointed him in the right direction one time.

4. People will lose heart from time-to-time and need someone to prod them on.  At one point Jack just wanted to take off his shoes and quit.

5. You need someone to keep you from running out in front of moving cars.  Literally in our case, figuratively for many others.

6. Sometimes we get distracted from the ultimate goal by something as insignificant as jumping off stairs.  It's nice to have a partner there to remind you that there are swings and slides waiting just ahead. 

7. Life is better when you take time to enjoy with those you are on the journey with.  Sometimes it is nice just to stop, sit down under a tree, and take a break together.  

8. It is nice to have someone carry you up the big hills when you are exhausted.  It is tough to finish the big journeys in life alone.

9. It takes a little longer when you let a one year old lead, but the
lessons they learn along the way make the longer journey worth it. 
If you don't let others lead, they may never learn their own way around the neighborhood.

10. There is a reward at the end.  It's true whether you are talking about swings and slides, or eternity.

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