Created to Serve

Continuing on my series of a few lessons I have learned about ministry, and about myself.

Lesson #2 – Discover How God Has Created You to Serve.  I enjoy trying new things.  It doesn't have to be something big, it could be leading a different missions team each year, or even like this week implementing a new check-in system for kid's at the church, but I need to have something new going on.  

If I find myself doing all the same things day in and day out for too long I get bored, and if I do it much longer I get burnt out.  The only way to revive me at that point is to give me a new challenge, something new to try and figure out.

That doesn't mean I cannot do any managing of what is already there, as I actually do quite a bit of that, but I always need something new in front of me as well.  Leading is where I get my greatest satisfaction.

I think one of the greatest lessons anyone can learn is how God created them to serve.  Whether it is as leader or manager, preacher or teacher, in drama or music, or in one of a million different ways, finding out the way God wired you is an important lesson to learn.  What about you, have you discovered the way God created you serve?

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