Don’t Underestimate the Small Stuff

I am going to take the next several posts to reflect on some lessons I have learned in my first few years of working at the church.  Some of these lessons I have learned from watching others, and other lessons I have learned from the hard teacher of experience.   

Lesson #1 – Don't Underestimate the Small Stuff.  Even the smallest gesture of kindness can have an enormous impact on someone's life, and the relationship they have with you.  In fact, more than likely, it is the small stuff that you do for someone that they will remember most.  

Each week we have dozens and dozens of kids here at Calvary.  On most Sunday's even the most attentive of kids struggles to remember what I taught the week before; however, I have kids remember me coming to their baseball games years after I was there.  Kids may forget what I teach on, but they remember me sending them a birthday card, or a card congratulating them on an accomplishment. The personal touch of noticing the small details in someone's life is what people remember, and it builds trust in their relationship with you.

You could dedicate hours and hours in preparing sermons, and administrating the church, but if you don't take time to notice the small details of people's lives, your ministry will be flat.   Ministry is in the details of people's lives.

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