Don’t Be Afraid to Be Amazing

I could probably continue in my series of lessons learned for quite some time, but I am going to end the series with this post.  One last lesson I learned is Don't Be Afraid to Be Amazing.  I'm almost 30, but I still view myself as being young.  Young and inexperienced.  To be honest there have been times I have really wanted to do something, but felt as though I wasn't a mature enough leader to pull it off.  It would have been amazing if I would have done it, but I chickened out.  I didn't think I had what it took.

I doubt I am the only one that has ever felt this way.  I think there are lots of people who have some pretty big dreams for what they see God doing through them, but when the rubber meets the road they are afraid to pull the trigger.  Maybe they are worried about what will happen if they fail, or if they can't pull it all off.  Maybe they don't have it all perfectly mapped out.  So, rather than trusting God to pick up the slack, they back down.  They back down, and this miss what God has planned for them.

My suggestion, don't miss what God has for you.  Pull the trigger.  Step out in faith.  Trust Him.  Don't be afraid to be amazing.

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