Home Ownership

Amazingly I haven't burned it down yet.  Despite my tampering with electricity, messing with the furnace, and attempting repairs I have never done before, I haven't burned down Becky's and my new home yet.  

I am returning from a bit of a break from the blogging world.  This past month has been extremely busy, mostly because Becky and I bought our first home so my daily trip to Home Depot has replaced any type of writing.  Things are beginning to fall back into a bit of groove though, so I am hoping to be writing and reading more.

A few have been asking, so let me give a bit of an update.  We are fairly settled into the house.  Although we are still trying to figure out where everything will permanently go, there are no boxes left to unpack.  We are also starting to fix things up here, and there, so hopefully by the end of this week Jack's room will no longer be pink!  

A few have also asked what I have enjoyed the most so far about home ownership.  There are so many aspects of home ownership I enjoy, but the best is that we (Jack) can be as loud as we want and it doesn't matter as there is no one in the apartment below us to annoy by jumping, screaming or just running around.  

Some have asked what I think about all the responsibility of owning a home….my first reaction is that there is a lot!  I had to buy my first snow shovel, and use it on the day we closed on the house!  Fixing everything, opposed to calling a landlord.  And then there is that mortgage payment each month….that just hurt for the first time this week!  Ouch!

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