What It Takes To Raise A Great Kid

Raising a great kid takes a combination of things.  Good parent(s), a rockin’ church, and great friends.  It’s best if a kid has all three, but they might be able to get by with only two.

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For example, a kid may turn out great if they have a good home and great friends, even if they have a lousy church.  Or they may turn out okay if they have a great church and great friends, even if their parents stink.  But any combination that involves bad friends is a recipe for disaster.  A kid cannot get by with poor friends.

Even if they have the best parents in the world, and go to an amazing church, if their friends are no good, they will turn out no good.  Augustine, from Christianity past, put it this way, “Friendship can be a dangerous enemy.”  The friends your child chooses will impact them for good, or for bad.

Who are your kid’s friends?  What are you doing to monitor the influences in your child’s life?

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