Great Reading for Children’s Pastors

As a children’s pastor I am always looking for new insights and ideas.  Three magazines that were recommended to me that I look to are…

K! – This magazine by KidzMatter has lots of great ideas and helpful articles.  They describe their magazine this way, “K! Magazine is a publication addressing the needs of those who minister to kids in the church.  It contains specialized articles and features on everything from leadership to using trends in our world to help children’s ministers make a deep ETERNAL IMPACT!”  You can visit their site and subscribe by going to  The cost for a subscription is $20 per year.

Children’s Ministry Magazine – This publication has all sorts of resources ideas, volunteer training tips, and much more.  They describe their magazine by sharing, “Children’s Ministry Magazine is packed with practical, authentic ministry ideas to help you change lives forever.  You’ll get sound advice and encouragement from today’s children’s ministry experts, plus hundreds of ideas to create a program that’ll have kids begging to come back!”  You can find out more by going to  The cost is $30 per year, but if you’re nice they’ll give you a free copy to preview.

Finally, you should get a magazine that kids read, so you can get some insight into what is important to them.  Nickelodeon magazine used to be the publication of choice, but it went out of print this past year.  Currently I am looking for an alternative, but haven’t come up with any great ones yet.  Any suggestions?

What other magazines are good for children’s pastors to read?

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